About Us

Australian Advanced Carpet Care

What we are is simple, we live and breathe our motto:

‘A reasonable price for a complete service.’

AACC core values:
Quality, Value & Honesty.

  • Our quality operating standards are the highest in Australia under the IICRC cleaning and restoration methods.
  • Our services value a complete job. Meaning we don’t charge extra for what should be a standard clean.
  • Our honest technicians advise you from the start what is worthwhile to clean, restore and repair.

We let you know the full nature of the job and then you are quoted. Not the other way around.
The AACC recipe for excellence is simple: no compromise.
To achieve this, the following was acquired:

  • Up to date knowledge from advance training and licensing authorities, IICRC.
  • A decade of industry experience.
  • World class quality equipment.

AACC have gone above and beyond to get everything a trusted company needs.
Just to provide you with one simple thing:
Only Masters in the field of textile cleaning and restorations can provide honest and qualified options and informed advice.
Try asking any of our competitors if they are Masters in the industry and you will be disappointed.
These Masters have entered the industry with one thing in mind: to do right by fellow Australians by charging ‘a reasonable price for a complete service.’