Odour Control Services

There are many things that can cause an unpleasant odour throughout your property. This can include improper cleaning of damp and dirty objects as well as traces of urine left behind by pets such as cats and dogs. Fortunately, the highly trained and IICRC accredited specialists at Australian Advanced Carpet Care can provide professional odour control so you can breathe easy once more.

Our Process

While it’s possible to mask odours with air fresheners or scented candles, these are temporary solutions that don’t address the underlying causes of bad odour. At AACC, our specialists will identify the source and use specialised equipment to eradicate the bacteria and microorganisms that create strong, unpleasant odours. Our methods can remove odours caused by mould growth and moisture as well as improper cleaning and pet leavings.

Why Choose AACC?

Australian Advanced Carpet Care is a leading provider of odour control and other restoration services. We have access to the very best equipment and techniques, allowing us to get the job done properly the first time. Our specialists are also trained with Jenna Dyco, so you can rest assured that they’ll deliver the best results. In addition, we can provide 24/7 assistance, meaning we’re able to respond to emergency situations at any time of the day.

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Australian Advanced Carpet Care is the number one choice for professional odour control. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. You can also request an all-inclusive quote or make a booking at your earliest convenience.